Staudt Scarcream

Staudt scar cream was developed by plastic surgeons at the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, also known as the Beverwijk Burns Centre. Years of experience and research have resulted in the creation of a unique and effective cream. We have been and still are collaborating closely with the Burns Centre; moreover, Staudt supports scar cream research aimed to help further burn injury treatment.

For years, Staudt scar cream has been used by plastic surgeons for the treatment of scars.

The cream is suited for all kinds of external scars on the body, including:

* scars from operations

 * scars from accidents, including abrasions
 * scars from burns
 * scars from radiation
 * scars from acne, chicken pox, stretch marks, and other skin problems

The scar cream can first be applied as soon as the skin on the wound is entirely sealed off and any possible stitches have been removed. The cream can be applied several times a day, using soft, massaging movements.

The cream can be used throughout the entire maturing phase of the scar. It can take around 1 year before a scar has fully matured. After this 1-year period, a scar cream will most likely no longer influence the appearance of a scar. In such cases, a scar correction in consultation with a plastic surgeon may be an option. Even so, the cream will keep the skin supple and also has a nurturing and protective effect.

All of our creams are free of parabens and allergens.


Scarcream SPF 30

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