Shea butter

Shea Butter is made from the Karite Nut tree which grows in West Africa. It contains butter from the Shea Nut as well as palm oil. It is widely used as a skin and hair moisturizer. Some varieties contain added Turmeric Root which helps to relieve muscle and joint aches when applied to skin. Some common uses and benefits of Shea Butter include the following

* highly moisturising

* heals burns

* protects skin against free radicals

* natural hair conditioner

* vitamins A,E and F

* used for eczema and psoriasis

* relieves sunburns

* restores skin elasticity

* natural SPF

* fades dark mark and scars

* prevents bumps after shaving

* softens skin

* calms irritated skin


(and African Black Soap) in its natural form with nothing added to it or nothing taken away from it. It contains vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin and hair. It is not filtered or processed after leaving its source of origin. It has not been melted down and filtered through the cheesecloth or poured into molds to make it round, square or rectangular in shape. No chemicals, perfumes, oils, preservatives, bleaches or deodorizers have been added that would remove or deplete the vitamin content or otherwise change its natural properties. This includes attempts to remove the natural nutty aroma, change the color or texture, add chemicals to or remove qualities or properties from the Shea Butter.

This Shea Butter has been passed through at least one filtering or meshing system. It may be deodorized, either by airing, chemical additions, or other process to remove the natural nutty aroma. It may be bleached, either chemically or as a result of the filtering system used to make it whiter in color. This type of Shea butter contains little to NO benefit to your skin other than moisturizing. The vitamins and natural healing properties have been removed due to the chemical refining process.

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